Andrew Peck is retired. This website is an historical document only. We believe the articles and observations have value.

Woodstock NY Real Estate

Our goal is to provide helpful information for buying or selling Woodstock, NY real estate and Ulster County homes for sale. On this website you can look at not only all of our listings, but also the thousands of other homes we can show you listed by all the other brokers in this area.

The best way to find the home that's right for you is to retain a buyer's agent who can do a comprehensive search for you, plus, he or she and contact you the moment something new comes on the market. This is especially important since new properties that are interesting and priced right will often be in contract within a day or two. Buyers without a buyer's agent usually miss out on the best deals.

Ulster County Real Estate

Our Business Principles listed below are a sine qua non of our satisfaction; we know they make a difference in the outcome of many of the transactions we broker. We live and work for the fulfillment of them. We co-broke with all other brokers, and can help you with any Greene County and Ulster County real estate. We are not afraid you will find superior service anywhere.

We hope you find our site helpful and informative. Chloe and I will always have time for any questions you may have.

Thank you.
Woodstock NY and Ulster County Real Estate
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Our Business Principles

We accept nothing less than absolute adherence to the highest ethical standards. Our focus is doing well for our clients, and therefore, ourselves. Adherence to these ideals makes a difference in many of the deals we broker. We cherish the trust given us. Our competence, creativity, and responsiveness will serve our clients. As a small firm, with larger competitors, we will not prosper if only "just as good" as those.

We strive for a culture of excellence; conceive of ourselves, act, and perform as an elite firm. One mission is to be charitably oriented, to give to our community personal effort and financial support. We support local programs involving education, conservation, and the arts.

A central value is enjoying our work, our relations with each other, and with our clients.